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Worldbuilding Wednesday 04- Pokemon Trainers
Careers in the Pokemon World-
Like the human world, people in the Pokemon world have many different career options. People can become doctors, veterinarians, scientists, teachers, lawyers, government officials, etc. In addition to having many of the normal career choices that we have in the real world, the Pokemon world includes other options that would be considered unconventional in our world, or jobs that wouldn’t even exist due to the lack of Pokemon. One such ‘career’ is the path of a Pokemon trainer.
Pokemon Trainers-
Opting to be a Pokemon trainer is a lot like someone choosing to travel the world in search of new species of animals in our world. In our world, however, choosing that kind of path would be considered unconventional. In the Pokemon World, being a Pokemon trainer is one of the most common and most popular career paths chosen, despite the many risks involved in taking that career path. Because of this, there is a severe lack in other
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Why? :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 6 3
Worldbuilding Wednesday 03- Genderless Pokemon
Genderless Pokemon are Pokemon that have the ability to reproduce asexually, meaning they do not need another of their species in order to produce offspring. How genderless Pokemon produce offspring varies from species to species. For example, Ditto and Staryu reproduce via fragmentation. If a Ditto loses a piece of its DNA, that DNA will grow into a separate Ditto, and if a Starme loses an arm, that arm will grow into a new Starme. Some Pokemon reproduce asexually by developing clones of themselves, such as Porygon and Magnemite. Many object-based genderless Pokemon have the ability to develop clones of themselves. Other genderless Pokemon can reproduce asexually because they can produce and fertilize their own egg cells. Examples of genderless Pokemon that have this ability are Unknown and Shedinja. In addition to this, some genderless Pokemon have both male and female reproductive organs, such as Golett and Golurk.
Almost every genderless Pokemon
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MudWing Adopts [OPEN] [PRICES LOWERED] :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 17 9 Sheercold Icon :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 3 3 Endbringer Icon :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 3 2 F2U MudWing Lineart :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 16 2 WoF OC- Heron Ref :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 9 3 Dragonfly-con :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 5 0 Arctic and Foeslayer- Love Doesn't Descriminate... :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 12 5
Worldbuilding Wednesday 02- Pokemon Offspring
Offspring Between Pokemon of the Same Egg Group:
Offspring between Pokemon of the same species and the same egg group is the most common type of Pokemon offspring, especially in the wild. Most wild Pokemon only form mate relationships with Pokemon of the same species, and because of this most wild Pokemon are considered “purebred”. Some rich folk will only accept purebred Pokemon, and shun any Pokemon that has DNA from another species. Breeders, on the other hand, breed Pokemon of different species within the same egg group all the time. Breeders breed Pokemon with special egg moves and stat advantages for money, a practice that is completely legal and commonplace in many regions. In game canon, offspring between two different Pokemon of the same egg group are always going to be the same species as the mother Pokemon. However, in my comic cannon, there is a small chance that the egg could be the same species as the father Pokemon, though this is rare and hardly ever
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N and Maria- Best of Wives and Best of Woman :iconshadowumbreon768:shadowumbreon768 3 7


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